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2015-09-11 07:30:01

"I weather is nice today

2014-12-03 00:09:11

Awesome School. The organisers were incredible. Special thanks to Arnulf and Maria for making thw two weeks at Gottingen a lifetime experience.

Alexandro Fulco
2014-08-07 01:19:42

Enjoyed the two intense but amazing weeks at HASCO a lot! I recommend this to everyone interested in (particle) physics and who wants to meet people from abroad. Thanks to the organisers of this summer school!

Augustinas Malinauskas
2014-08-03 22:04:24

Very intense two weeks, but very rewarding! It's a place to meet awesome people have amazing evenings at student hostel and learn physics at the same time.

Ben Brunt
2013-08-08 09:07:12

I had an amazing fortnight on HASCO. Special thanks to the organisational mastermind Prof Quadt, and Eric the perpetually harassed ("Has anyone seen Luca?").
Highly recommended to anyone taking their first steps in particle physics.

Oliver Majersky
2013-07-29 17:48:17

Being the first summer school I've attended, I didn't quite know what to expect. This was a very pleasant experience and I would love to repeat it again. I would like to thank Prof. Quadt and everyone on the team for two great weeks. And for students who are interested in particle physics and are thinking of attending in future: I encourage you to do so :-)

2013-07-20 12:38:38

It was a great experience! Thanks everybody, in particular to Prof. Arnulf Quadt! I advise every Particle Physics student to apply for this school. There's nothing I can complain about: lectures, excursions, participants, food and even weather were perfect. And if you thing that something was not perfect, consider that you are in a different country and every country has its own rules and habits.
I will never forget this experience, ever.
Thank you again,
Marco Fiore

Josu Hernandez
2012-09-12 18:19:58

Thank you for this opportunity.
I would like to go again next summer.
Great experience!

Peter Tornambè
2012-07-31 13:11:39

Wonderful experience!!! I met a lot of new friends and learnt a lot of new things about particle physics! Thanks to all the students and prof. Quadt thant organized everything!!! Hope to see everybody again!

Kristofer Lundmark
2012-07-30 20:25:42

@Tom et al.
Looked up the capitol of Nigeria yet? :)

/Cheers m8

Antonello Miucci
2012-07-30 09:55:15

Great experience!

George W. Bush
2012-07-30 09:54:38

You guys were a breath of fresh air.

Xabi Marcano
2012-07-29 18:29:58

It was a great experience. Thanks to Arnolf and all your team! ;)
by the way, is it possible to download all the picture at the same time, just with one click?

Babar Ali
2012-07-29 05:04:40

It was a nice experience. Thanks to every one for such a great company.A bundle of thanks to Prof. Arnulf Quadt for considering me for such a lovely school.See you soon........

stefania axigluon girl!
2012-07-28 21:19:05

What a time with you all! Thanks everyone for for these days!
A special thanks to Arnulf for giving me the opportunity to join the school!
Hope to see you soon!

Lorenzo Massa
2012-07-28 14:45:05

Really great experience!
I want to see all of you again :)!

Kristofer Lundmark
2012-07-28 14:29:50

Thanks everyone for 12 nice & intensive days!

Special thanks to Prof. Quadt for HASCO and for giving us a ride back from Burg Plesse Castle!


Gine Greco
2012-07-28 01:09:41

Thank you all! Wonderful experience!

Antonello Miucci
2012-07-24 14:33:48

Great experience!!!!

Arnulf Quadt
2012-07-22 00:42:49

Dear all,
the guestbook is open. You are most welcome to enter your comments here.

Gästebuch Admin
2012-07-18 14:31:54

Das Gästebuch ist eröffnet. Bitte beachtet die Netiquette! [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netiquette]